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Issue I - Back to Basics
Issue II - Window to Your Health
Issue III - In Good Hands
Issue IV - Back on Track
Issue V - Halloween Edition
Issue VI - Reasons for Decay
Issue VII - Reasons to Quit
Issue VIII - Mind the Gap?
Issue VIIII - Nutrition and ...
Issue X - April is Oral Health ...
Issue XI - May's eNews, Tips ...
Issue XII - Summer is ...
Issue XIII - July's eNews, tips ...
Issue XIV - August's eNews...
Issue XV - Back to School '08
Issue XVI - Halloween '08
Issue XVII - eNews, tips ...
Issue XVIII - Season's Greetings
Issue XIX - Happy New Year
Issue XX - eNews, Tips and More
Issue XXI - March Break Edition
Issue XXII - Spring Edition
Issue XXIII - Spring Into Summer
Issue XXIV - Sunshine Edition
Issue XXV - Introducing Dr. Samuel Hahn
Issue XXVI - Summer Edition
Issue XXVII - Back To School
Issue XXVIII - Digital X-Rays, Tips and More!
Issue XXIX - Protect Your SMile, Fall Clean-up, and More!
Issue XXX - The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening, Holiday Health Tips, and More!
Issue XXXI - Happy New Year!
Issue XXXII - Women's Dental Care, eNews, and More!
Issue XXXIII - Energy Drinks and Your Oral Health
Issue XXXIV - Are You Putting Your Smile Under Pressure?
Issue XXXV - How to Prevent Periodontal Disease
Issue XXXVI - Do You Have a Sensitive Smile?
Issue XXXVII - Is There Silver in Your Smile?
Issue XXXVIII - Are You Brushing Your Smile Away?
Issue XXXIX - Why Have Your Teeth Cleaned?
Issue XL - Dental Sealants, Our Newest Team Member, and More!
Issue XLI - A Complete Smile Makeover in One Procedure
Issue XLII - Happy Holidays!
Issue XLIII - How to Prevent Tooth Decay
Issue XLIV - Dr. Hahn's Top 10 List
Issue XLV - How to Prevent Tooth Decay!
Issue XLVI - Get Your Smile Into Shape for Summer!
Issue XLVII - Brighten Your Smile in Time For Summer
Issue XLVIII - The Sun and Your Smile
Issue XLIX - Happy Birthday Canada!
Issue L - Trash the Ash! More Reasons to Kick the Habit.
Issue LI - Sensitive Teeth, Homemade Granola and More!
Issue LII - Halloween Tips, Use It or Lose It & More!
Issue LIII - Got a Sweet Tooth? Know How to Save Your Teeth!
Issue LIV - Happy Holidays!
Issue LV - Breathe Healthy Live Happily This New Year!
Issue LVI - Why are Crowns and Bridges mentioned together?
Issue LVII - Teeth Whitening Solutions at High Park Dental
Issue LVIII - When Was The Last Time You Flossed Your Teeth?
Issue LVIX - Are You Ready To Quit?
Issue LX - Is Your Smile Ready For 'Photo Op Season'?
Issue LXI - Energy Drinks and Your Oral Health
Issue LXII - How Do You Know If You Need Oral Surgery?
Issue LXIII - The Back to School Edition!
Issue LXIV - Is Mouthwash A Substitue For Brushing?
Issue LXV - Tips On Sweets and Sticky Treats This Season!
Issue LXVI - Self-conscious about gaps in your teeth? You have options!
Issue LXVII - Are You Throwing Away The Best Part?
Issue LXVIII - Heart Month, Tips On Gum Disease, And More!
Issue LXIV - Morning Breath or Something More?
Issue LXV - How to Brush and Floss Properly
Issue LXVI - Dentistry For Moms-To-Be
Issue LXVII - How Would You Rate Your Smile?
Issue LXVIII - Are You Protecting Your Smile?
Issue LXIX - Afraid of Drills? No Problem!
Issue LXX - Are You Brushing Your Teeth Away?
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