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If you are missing a tooth in the back of your mouth, 'out of sight out of mind' is not the adage that you should think of. Perhaps 'a chain is only as strong as its weakest link' would be more appropriate.

Dental Bridges at High Park Dental Care A missing tooth can create far more serious problems than the appearance of a gap in your smile. The tooth that was there acted as a natural placeholder keeping the adjacent teeth from shifting. The lack of a place holder allows surrounding teeth to move, affecting your visible smile at times as well as causing the gums and neighboring teeth to become far more susceptible to decay and gum disease. Missing teeth sometimes lead to the appearance of premature aging as the bone structure tends to shrink without the space occupied by your tooth's root. One of the solutions we can offer for patients missing teeth is called a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a false tooth that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge acts to fill the space where your natural tooth was and prevent the unflattering appearance and health effects of a missing tooth.
If you figured that a missing tooth was just a chewing and whistling inconvenience, ask us if a dental bridge is right for you. Your smile will thank you.

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